West Country Thatchers Fast first-class service from leading master thatchers

When you are truly passionate about thatching you dream about thatching all manner of roofs. But as it is we content ourselves with thatching the roofs of every type of building from garages and small cottages, to grand country houses, pubs, hotels and businesses.

We work mainly in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset, although we also operate up country (anywhere east of Somerset) and have completed thatching projects as far afield as the USA.

A complete thatching service

We are Registered Thatching Contractors to The National Trust, The Crown Estate & Porlock Manor Estate.
West Country Thatchers bring together a group of leading, highly experienced master thatchers from Exmoor and West Country areas, dedicated to championing the age old skills of thatching.

We undertake many restoration projects, new builds, and our services include the installation of a complete new thatch, as well as on-going maintenance work.

West Country Thatchers specialise in providing maintenance plans so you know when your thatch will need attention in the future and have an idea of home much it will cost. So no more nasty surprise bills.

Competitively priced, professional service

Whether we are working individually or as a tight knit team, we do our utmost to stick to the agreed schedule and to complete the work as rapidly as our exceptionally high standards will allow.

We never know quite what will be uncovered, particularly when working on ancient thatch. But a price is agreed up front and barring exceptional circumstances, we do our best to bring the job in on budget.

We offer outstanding value, working to the very highest standards with a view to maximising the life of your thatch, at highly competitive rates.

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