Paul discovered his love of thatching later in life. He started out working as a chef at London’s Claridge’s Hotel before going on to own and run several successful restaurant and pub businesses. It was whilst he was Working in the idyllic village of Dunster that he discovered Thatch and decided a career move in 2003 was the way forward in these economic times. In foresight it has been a fantastic decision.

Thatching experience:
Working with four exceptionally proficient master thatchers has accelerated Paul’s knowledge and experience in the ancient craft to the level where he is at ease to be called a master thatcher, with a great deal still to discover. He has already worked on some of the finest national projects. With his creative flair, business background and precise way of working and costing, Paul is especially well qualified to take on commercial projects.

Thatching can be as creative and rewarding as cooking ever was!

The roof Paul would most like to thatch:
The Barclay Stand at Norwich City Football Club, in genuine Norfolk reed.

Contact tel: 0781 755 6980 or 01643 704226

Exmoor Thatchers Paul Fullbrook